AC VBooks - Geometry
Take control with hands-on interactivity.
Take control with hands-on interactivity. Use your problem-solving skills to see what happens.
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Apply what you learn to every day situations. AC VBooks – a new way of learning.

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Geometry: Circumference and Arc Length

Discover how everyday experiences are connected to Math. Did you know a pizza is more than just something to eat? Use what you know, and experience what you don't. Open up your world to a new way of learning with AC VBook apps.

"AC VBooks is a real game changer in educational content. It is a new generation of e-Books; it is high-quality, digital content, and study path all at once."

Gary Bitter,
Executive Director of TBLR, ASU

Have you ever wondered what the number pi is all about? Or want an easier way to understand the connection between arc length, circumference, and angle measurement? These concepts, and more, open up and come to life through a tablet or PC.

Considered turbo-charged e-Books, AC VBooks blend a variety of instructional activities, from explorations and visual explanations to hands-on, web-based exercises. e-Books are words on a screen, AC VBooks are an interactive world of learning on a screen.

Get engaged with game-like simulations and real-world scenarios that bring everyday meaning to tough Math concepts.

Take charge of your learning and download the AC VBook Geometry: Circumference and Arc Length from the Windows Store.