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AC Home

Adaptive Curriculum introduces AC Home!

We have taken our award winning math and science content and added an enhanced user-friendly parent/teacher management platform, making access even easier.

AC Home helps students discover the wonders of science and the joy of learning math by explaining difficult concepts in clear, easy-to-follow lessons. Learning is personal, enabling students to follow at their own pace, on their schedule, while giving them the homework help they need with specific topics. They explore basic principles, build knowledge through real-world examples, work through math equations, conduct virtual experiments, observe the results and draw conclusions that help them understand and master concepts.

AC Home works!

Whether it's homeschooling, students struggling to get homework help every night, not focused on how to do the work they need to improve their test scores or preparing for final exams just before graduation, our math and science self-guided online content for middle and high school students can make a difference.

AC Home Benefits:

  • Hundreds of interactive Activity Objects (AOs) in grades 6-12
  • Online end-of-activity assessments for each AO
  • Activity sheets that can be printed for home instruction with answer sheets available in the teacher/parent version
  • My Adaptive Space for managing students and assignments
  • Clear and intuitive progress and assessment reports by student and assignment
  • Alignments to State standards as well as Common Core and NGSS standards

AC Home Packs

Each AC Home License option listed below will give a parent or homeschool teacher AND up to three students access to Adaptive Curriculum's content and features for one full year.


Regularly $99.95

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Regularly $129.95

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Regularly $159.95

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*Prices may be different outside of the United State and Canada. Email us at to receive pricing for your country prior to completing the Purchase Form.
**AC Home is for Homeschool instruction only and not available for purchase to institutions/schools.