Activity Objects

Welcome to a new world of math and science learning

A world where students investigate, hypothesize, and master concepts. A multimedia world that appeals to digital-age learners.

As students explore our world of interactive lessons, called Activity Objects (AOs), they build the deep conceptual understanding they need for academic success.

AC Math and AC Science challenge students with hundreds of AOs and thousands of Learner Outcomes for grades 6 through 12. Educators incorporate these AOs into existing lesson plans and My Adaptive Space to plan, assign, assess, and track student progress.

Real World Active Learning

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Dynamic, active learning and guided discovery motivate students to explore, make hypotheses, and see the impact of their decisions.

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Deep Concept Mastery

5-E Instructional Model

Our multimedia, multi-sensory approach engages today's learners in concept mastery, using a five-step, research-based pedagogical model and proven instructional strategies.

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