• Concept Development
    Students develop a scientific concept by first exploring its basic principles. They build knowledge by changing variables in a dynamic system and observing the results. The entire activity is based on relevant, critical real-life connections in which students can explore an application of the concept or follow its development.
  • Experiment
    Students carry out scientific experiments in a virtual environment. They create hypotheses before the experiment, change variables and observe the results, and draw conclusions based on experimental data. Students develop scientific thinking skills without safety risks or the need for specific equipment, and all steps are recorded in a printable experiment report.
  • Skills Application
    These Activity Objects help learners apply rules and procedures to strengthen computational skills.
  • Problem Solving
    Students follow basic problem solving steps that include understanding the problem, analyzing the givens and the unknowns, and making and following a plan. All steps are interactive, and the planning phase is very flexible—students can form and follow varied strategies to solve the problem.
  • Dynamic Modeling
    These Activity Objects provide learners the opportunity to manipulate variables and observe dynamic changes with interactive 3D objects.

AC Science

AC Science provides teachers with an instructional solution that promotes science mastery through dynamic, interactive learning. Unlike other programs developed for print, AC Science was developed as a digital solution to take full advantage of the online environment and cutting-edge instructional tools such as interactive whiteboards.

AC Science contains:

  • Hundreds of Activity Objects (AOs) in grades 6-12
  • An individual Teacher Guide for each AO
  • Online end-of-activity assessments for each AO
  • Activity sheets that can be printed for whole-class instruction
  • My Adaptive Space for managing students and assignments
  • Clear and intuitive assessment reports by student and assignment
  • • Alignments to NGSS and State standards
  • Online or onsite product training


AC Science can be presented on Interactive Whiteboards, used by small groups and assigned to individual students. Students can be assigned any science AO from grade 6 through high school depending on the learning needs, allowing teachers to truly differentiate instruction.

Check our AC Science catalog, our Science Activity Object Types or our AC Science Scope and Sequence.

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