Case Studies

Schools around the country are reporting successful implementations of Adaptive Curriculum, with improved test scores, better test readiness, and increased student enthusiasm.

  • Houston, Texas: Stephen F. Austin High School Houston ISD

    TAKS exit-level exams increased by 16% with the help of AC Science Texas™

    "I liked that the program has a lot of built-in formative assessment and that it gives immediate feedback to the student and teacher, alike. Another thing that stood out for me is that [Adaptive Curriculum] has several features to support English language learners (ELLs), which is important for our population here in Houston."
    - Timothy J. Johnson, Science Teacher

  • Houston, Texas: Andy Dekaney High School, Spring ISD

    A cost-effective alternative to deliver labs provided students a new, digital way to learn in and outside of the classroom.

    "We chose Adaptive Curriculum because we wanted something innovative that would provide students with hands-on activities, individualization, and real-time feedback and assessment."
    - Sonya Simon, Science Department Chair

  • Cypress, Texas: Cypress Springs High School, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD

    AC ScienceTexas™ helped increase students' pass rates in Chemistry.

    "I like to use AC Science to introduce and reinforce concepts, and to assess student learning. I also give students time to work on the program individually. A key benefit is that it gives students the ability to control the pace of their learning to meet their needs." - Mark Breerwood, Chemistry Teacher and Team Leader

  • Madison Park Middle School, Phoenix, AZ

    In a 2011-2012 study of 6th and 8th grade underperforming students at Madison Park Middle School, students using Adaptive Curriculum interactive math content experienced a 20% increase over the expected growth targets on the NWEA Assessment.

  • Hillsborough County Public Schools, FL

    Students who completed the summer Algebra program and used Adaptive Curriculum achieved pass rates of 15-25% higher than their peers on the Algebra EOC Test.

    Hillsborough's summer Algebra program's blended learning model helped students deepen their conceptual understanding, and helped them pass the End-of-Course assessment required for graduation.

  • ASU Research Report: The Influence of Using Adaptive Curriculum on the Math Achievement of Sixth and Seventh Graders

    An evaluation of Adaptive Curriculum was conducted with a sample of students from several middle schools from a school district in the Southwest. Adaptive Curriculum was associated with an increase in the math achievement of the middle school students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade.

  • Besteiro Middle School, Brownsville, TX

    Science scores went up six or seven points a year, and math scores three or four points a year.

    "Our science scores have gone up six or seven points a year, and our math scores three or four points a year."
    - Alma Cardenas-Rubio, Principal

  • Sundale Union Elementary School District, Tulare, CA

    Eighth-grade science scores improve after five months of implementation

    "Students in the eighth grade improved their test scores from 31 to 59 points over the course of the year."
    - Darin Bawks, Vice Principal

  • Bear Creek Middle School, Fairburn, GA

    Engaging students, building teacher confidence, and improving performance

    "Teachers in other content areas are envious?they want something like Adaptive Curriculum."
    - Estella Cook, Data Support Specialist

  • C.W. Ruckel Middle School, Niceville, FL

    Building motivation and improving performance

    "The Adaptive Curriculum students are doing better than the control group."
    - Chris Brown, Sixth-Grade Science Teacher

  • Kihei Charter School, Kihei, HI

    Preparing students for the 21st century workplace

    "My students enjoy Adaptive Curriculum because it's interactive and interesting. I often hear them say, 'Now I get it!'"
    - Peggy Temple, Middle School Math Teacher