Adaptive Curriculum is proud to be the leader in the field of interactive math and science learning — as recognized by numerous awards — with solutions that are informed by the latest research, pedagogy, and best practices.

Global Research Foundation

AC Math and AC Science are based on over 30 years of research in using technology to teach key concepts in math and science. Begun with a national science grant in Europe, Adaptive Curriculum has created math and science Activity Objects that are used by over millions of students internationally.

ASU Partnership

Since 2007, nationally known thought leaders at the Arizona State University and ASU's Technology Based Learning and Research (TBLR) Center have partnered with Adaptive Curriculum on curriculum alignment, classroom implementation, and professional development. TBLR is our neighbor in the ASU SkySong Innovation Center.

ASU faculty provide pedagogical research, multi-disciplinary expertise, and content collaboration, ensuring accuracy and appropriate pedagogy at every stage of development.